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05.03.2005 - There are many sites on the web. Only one became a legend.
Todays update consists of some new images in the Zelda gallery. There are also some new Seiken Densetsu-Wallpapers online.

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05.01.2005 - Just a small one.
Just a change in the Radiata Stories spotlight. The game finally got a US release date. Yay!

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04.29.2005 - Midis back online.
Okay, I'm sure you noticed that the Midis never really vanished. I just removed the links - but I was not sure if it's okay to host them. But after I received permission from some midi musicians and also heard that it's okay as long as they're free, I included them into the navigation once more.

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04.28.2005 - Back to normal.
If you guessed that my computer might be working again, you guessed right. The system's running absolutely smooth and everything has been re-installed correctly. So I'm starting with the media updates once more. Thanks to Zargkhon, there are some nifty new wallpapers available in the Suikoden and Tales of Symphonia wallperps. There's one new image in the Final Fantasy gallery as well. There's more to update, but that needs some further preparation here on the computer. So stay tuned!

04.22.2005 - Thank you, Macromedia.
That's cool, Macromedia Dreamweaver does exist as a 30-day-trial version. So I can make little updates as long as my Windows-computer is still defective. Well, at least if repairing this computer won't take longer than 30 days... let's hope not ;) Some Tales of Destiny-images have been added.

04.21.2005 - Defectiveeeee
Oh, so sorry. I should have updated this site for long now, and I actually have much stuff to update. The only problem is, that my computer is defective and I have to use the notebook instead. Even if it is a Apple-notebook, 256 MB RAM is not enough to maintain Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Thus I just wrote this quick update in plain text. I really hope that I can update soon again.

04.16.2005 - Grandiaaaaaaa
As promised, the pre-play spotlight of Grandia 3 is online.

04.13.2005 - No fan art, still a gallery update
Even if there's almost no fan stuff online here anymore, that does not keep me off adding stuff to my galleries. There are wonderful new artworks available at the Grandia (Grandia 3 spotlight coming soon!), Shining, Tales of and Wild Arms galleries.

04.11.2005 - Wanted to know something about your fellow webmaster?
If so, you're welcome to take a look at the newly "profile" page.

04.10.2005 - Changes done.
It was quite some work, but I think now everyone can be satisfied. Almost all of the fanwork in the galleries is gone, but the galleries still do exist. For the music section, I removed the midi part. Now everything is almost completely official (except a few fanworks I've got the permission to host). Now this site focuses on official artwork once more - I will also try to write more reports and spotlight from now on. Sorry again for any inconvenience!

04.09.2005 - Important!
As of today, I removed the links to the "gallery"-section as well as the "wallpaper"- and "music"-section. This measure is temporary, but most probably, these three sections will be put completely offline. I know they're the heart and soul of this site, but I got some serious mail today pointing out how much these sections despise the work of the fan art artists or music composers.

If you are such an artist, I humbly apologise for what I have done. If you yet agree to have your art left here, please give me a short notice. Without notice, I will remove the galleries as soon as possible.

Thank you.

04.07.2005 - Polishing.
After I liked the pictures of the sundays' update so much, I created a new banner using them. I also polished the affiliates section and put two links from the links section there.

04.03.2005 - Speaking of 'big updates'.
Hoho, be prepared to face one of the biggest archive updates RPG-O-Mania ever had. There have been 73 images / wallpapers added to the following categories
-- Breath of Fire
-- Final Fantasy
-- Shining (Tears)
-- Suikoden
-- Tales of... (the gallery has been renamed after I added so much -Destiny and -Phantasia-stuff.
-- Wild ARMs
-- Arc the Lad
-- Suikoden
-- Xenosaga

03.29.2005 - Gotta keep your profile low.
Well, it's a quick update this time, but yet it is kinda big. There are several new Valkyrie Profile image uploaded, there's also some new stuff in the Seiken Densetsu and Final Fantasy gallery. Hope you like it!

03.25.2005 - Yay!
Whoa, good times for all Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles fans. Vio81 sent me a lot of stuff I added to the Final Fantasy gallery. There are some new wallpapers available too. And, last but not least, I've made one addition to the Breath of Fire gallery.

03.23.2005 - Stalking.
I know, the Landstalker images I added today aren't completely what you would expect here, considered their size and quality. But they're the only ones I found, Landstalker artworks are really pretty rare. I improved the quality of some images, but it's nothing I could be too proud about. Anyway, I recommend these pics for Landstalker fans, because you might not have seen them until now.

03.22.2005 - Are 'chrystals' valuable?
It's SO embarrassing!! The Final Fantasy overview is online for such a long time now, and I really messed up every 'crystal' by putting a h where it does not belong. Well, I corrected it, so it should be a little better now. By the way, university has started again, this is why there was no new content update right now. I've got some Landstalker artwork, but I have to check if it's good enough first. Other than thas, I'm getting much stuff from langolier666 these days, I have to look through that before I can announce a bigger update again. Stay tuned, it won't take too long!

03.18.2005 - Bigger update, once more.
Oh well, I had some days to prepare this update, so it's a bit bigger this time. The Zelda gallery has been opened, new Midis have been added to the letter "W", there's a new afterplay spotlight available and everything is included in the sitemap.

03.15.2005 - Gallery update. Again. And something that made me smile!
I wanted to write some reviews and news the past days, but everytime, something kept me away from writing. Anyway, thanks to Jaber once more, I was able to get my hands onto some great artworks which makes this update a bigger one. There is new stuff at the Tales of Symphonia gallery and the Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Star Ocean, Tales of Symphonia (although it's not really Symphonia) and Misc wallpapers.

On another note. Just while I was updating the site, I received this e-mail:

I have stumbled upon the RPG-O-Mania site some time
ago... about a month or two, I believe. I found it to
be a very good media ressource. It's easy to navigate,
pretty, concise and it also seem regularly updated as

I sent you mail merely because I do not want to remain
silent and not show the my appreciation. You have a
very nice site there and I'm probably going to keep
visiting it from time to time, it's a very useful
ressource - especially since you seem to update it and
I know maintaining a web site of this magnitude is
often dreary, thankless work.

So, that is about it. No criticism per se... just
compliments you very richly deserve. I hope, at the
very least, that after reading this you'll smile and
feel proud - it will have made the paltry few minutes
writing this message so very worth it.

Good job!

Wow, now that really made me proud to read. You know, such mails really pay back the work I had by updating and maintaining the site here. Thank you very, very much for these words of praise!

03.12.2005 - Nice work, nice work.
Again, something new for the Final Fantasy gallery. This time the pictures were taken by courtesy of apsylus.com, a great artists' website.

03.10.2005 - Something little in-between.
Since I haven't finished the upcoming bigger update, I decided to upload the changes I made to the gallery and wallpaper selection screens. It should be easier to navigate now.

03.08.2005 - Once again, it's media.
Today, I stocked up the Final Fantasy and Suikoden galleries. Again, some small update, but right now I'm planning some new reports, so more will be updated soon!

03.04.2005 - Desperate media update.
You know, I really hate these times when you've got lots to do and there are no good artists who want to present their art here ^_^. So I searched for good pics and Midis and I miraculously did find some good stuff. It's really been like in the old days. So you can check out new stuff at the Tales of Symphonia gallery and the Midi files.

02.28.2005 - Phew, sorry.
Oh my god, this update took some time. But it's quite some big one. After about four years, finally the reviews returned. They're declared as "afterplay spotlights" right in the spotlight section. Have funnd make sure you'll read the explaination of RPG-O-Mania's rating system!

02.22.2005 - Turn on the light.
I've been postponed this for too long, but it's finally done. There's a new spotlight online, this time covering Radiata Stories.

02.20.2005 - Illuminating Magic Links.
Today we have a mixed "this and that" update. First of all, thanks to Kilu again, I made some corrections at the Kenji Ito page. There are also some new images at the newly created Valkyrie Profile gallery and one Lunar wallpaper.

02.17.2005 - Things to read and watch.
A new musician description is online - this time it's Kenji Ito, who created the music for RPGs like Seiken Densetsu, SaGa Frontier or Chocobo Dungeon. I added some non-rpg wallpapers as well.

02.16.2005 - Listen closely. And more.
Thanks a lot to Kilu, Viewtiful Jaber and Vio81 I made several corrections at the musicians' pages.
I almost forgot the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children wallpapers I got a few days ago. They're online now.

02.14.2005 - Listen!
Phew, a big sorry for this belated update. But I've got something big for you - a whole new coverage section! It's about the musicians that make RPGs what they are. If you want to know more about the people behind the music in RPGs, gotta check out this section. Like in the spotlight section, there will more people included while time passes by. I hope you enjoy it!

02.10.2005 - Gotta tell you some tale.
Viewtiful Jaber once more sent lots of new stuff. It's located in the Tales of Symphonia gallery, the Tales of Symphonia Wallpapers and the Star Ocean 3 wallpapers.

2005/02/07 - Quarter Million
Yesterday, the unique visitor counter of this page reached the 250.000 Mark. Thank you all so much for visiting this site so frequently! My friend Ruro created a very nice artwork, just as he did for 200.000. Thank you as well!

2005/02/06 - Some stuff re-strucutred and of course something new
I noticed that I've got so much Tales of Symphonia stuff, that this game can get its own gallery. And tada, here it is: The Tales of Symphonia gallery. I added some new Suikoden stuff as well.

2005/02/03 - Decorating with Namco.
Today, I got news access at Namco USA's website. I figured out that aside of news, they've also support press with great artwork. So I decided to create some wallpapers for your viewing pleasure. Hope you like the Tales of Symphonia wallpapers.

2005/02/02 - Grams of media.
Compared to the 'tons of media' update a few days ago, this time the amount of stuff added is rather small. Anyway, some new Tifa pictures can be found in the Final Fantasy gallery.

2005/01/31 - I just had to do it.
Every once in awhile, I'm back tracking again. As a result, a new XM has been published by me.

2005/01/30 - You've got to use your ears.
Times surely changed the past years. During the first years of this sites' existence, most of the updates were Midi updates. But now, the midi scene became a bit silent. There are many new submissions at VGmusic, but they're mainly covers of tunes that have already been covered.
Anyway, i spottet some new Midis for you (Grandia 2, Silent Hill 2, Tales of Destiny 2 and Unlimited Saga)

2005/01/28 - Ain't it too strainge? Namco and Capcom
Well, I never had guessed that while my computer is gone (by the way, I'm back up online as you may have noticed ^^) one of the most specacular game projects ever seen was announced. Namco X Capcom is a new RPG project by monolith software. You might already have checked out the bigger news pages for infos about the game, but still - being a Namco and Capcom fan - I have to cover this unique game in a spotlight.

2005/01/25 - Important: technical problems.
I just wanted to inform you that due to technical problems (My PC seems to have a misfunction at the IDE port, thus crashing my harddisk) I can not update the site as planned for now. This problem might be gone in a few days, but there's also a possibility that it might take even some weeks. I hope you won't abandon this site, I'll be updating the planned stuff when things are fixed.

2005/01/24 - A small update in-between.
You know, I've really got much to update the next weeks. Vio81 sent much stuff for the FF:CC shrine and I'm planning to write a spotlight article about Radiata Stories. Meanwhile, thanks to Viewtiful Jaber again, I uploaded another set of Arc the Lad wallpapers.

2005/01/21 - Tons of media.
This news header is quite banal, but it hits the nail on the head. langolier666 and Viewtiful Jaber sent loads of stuff for the galleries. New stuff is to be found in the
Final Fantasy
Panzer Dragoon
Phantasy Star
and Suikoden

2005/01/17 - It's not as if I could stop that easily, you know.
Okay, that's the last wallpaper update for now. The vast amount of wallpapers Viewtiful Jaber sent to me is now online. The finishing strike is made by some Arc the Lad wallpapers.

2005/01/14 - The incredible.
Viewtiful Jaber is incredible. I got tons of mails from him with great Wallpapers. Today, I put some of the Suikoden wallpapers online he sent to me! BIG thanks from me, man!

2005/01/12 - I'm just too motivated.
Even if it's exams time, I work on this site. It's not as if you could learn the whole day, I'm in need of some diversification. And since I'm sitting on the computer anyway, what comes in more handy than writing some stuff for my site. Well anyway, there's a new spotlight.

2005/01/11 - Again, something for your eyes.
Viewtiful Jaber stroke again - a big thanks for the Final Fantasy wallpapers! He also sent some great Arc the Lad wallpapers, which will come up the next days. I also surfed for some images on my own and found two great Phantasy Star artworks.

2005/01/10 - A brand-new section appeared.
This only happens every few years, I can proudly announce the opening of a new section: Spotlight On!
There I will cover RPGs that haven't been released yet or games that only have been release in Japan but where a overseas (Europe or U/C) release is very expectable. I started with a report about the highly anticipated game which seems to disappoint many fans.

2005/01/08 - A media update and more.
First of all, thanks to Viewtiful Jaber for submitting stuff - there are some new Final Fantasy artworks and one Suikoden wallpaper online! The other thing you might have noticed is the new layout. I know it's quite surprising that a new layout gets replaced that fast, but I had some things to fix - for example the messed up navigation. Now it's all in one place. With the new navigation, a new button showed up, "Spotlight on". This is a new project where I will cover RPGs in development. The section has not been opened yet, but I think it will be open soon

2005/01/02 - The new year starts somehow familiar.
Here we've got it again, the classical gallery update. Thanks to langolier666, I was able to add stuff to the Final Fantasy , non-RPG and miscellaneous galleries.!

2004/12/31 - A public beta.
As of today, the first public beta of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Shrine has been opened. It's available at the coverage section. Right now, it's nothing but a character database, but it's planned to be the biggest FF:CC fansite out there.

By the way, for the statistics: 2004, I postet 58 news entrys. This means this page was "officially" updated every 6.3 days - a little more than one update per week (don't forget, 2004 was a leap year!).
That's not bad for a one person project, but I'll try to improve it anyway.

All what's left now is to wish you a happy 2005.

2004/12/29 - Tales of an update.
It was expectable. After three big updates in a row, I really needed a time off this website. You know, right now I'm not just doing my regular work here, there's also a whole new big shrine under development. More to come soon - until then, I added some "Tales of Symphonia "-wallpapers.

2004/12/15 - 3 Chain!!!
Yes, three updates in a row. This didn't take place for years. I found another few "Star Ocean"-wallpapers.

2004/12/14 - Phantastic
Being a fan of the series, I was really glad to get my hands onto some great new Phantasy Star artwork. Check it out at the Phantasy Star gallery!

2004/12/13 - People say, the universe is a Star Ocean
Lots of Kudos for Tri Ace. They've got a really nice website and are also offering some decent Star Ocean: Blue Sphere wallpapers. Since they offer quite many of them, I decided to open a "Star Ocean"-section. I also put the wallpapers from miscelanneous section there.

2004/12/09 - Supporting 108 stars.
It took some time until I got a bunch of new pics for the Suikoden gallery, but finally, there are some new pics on.

2004/12/05 - Be first in december, be armed, be wild - once more.
Hm, seems I tend to strange headers these days. Anyway, it's just something to get your attention. There are four more images in the Wild Arms gallery!

2004/11/30 - Game arts.
Okay, this header is way too cheap, but it's the truth. I added some images to the Grandia and Lunar galleries.

2004/11/26 - Key to the lauded victories
It took some time, but finally, there are some new Midis online.

2004/11/21 - Heihachi Mishima is dead.
I added a new Doci Fantasy comic strip today.

2004/11/19 - Get wild, brother
Another new gallery has been opened. It's about Wild Arms - there might be some pics in the misc. gallery, I will go through that during the next days!

2004/11/12 - New wallpaper section; gallery update
In the wallpapers menu, there's a new "Valkyrie Profile"-section. I added a few wallpapers there, hopefully more to come. There are also two new images at the miscellaneous gallery.

2004/11/09 - Seiken Densetsu 3 class change guide
A few weeks ago, I wanted to check out lilcorner.net for a few infos about the Seiken Densetsu 3 class changes, but I had to notice that the page went offline. This is sad, and I think GameFaq's text guides aren't a proper solution (although they're pretty good). So I took some old guide I printed out in 2000 and used it for helping me finishing this guide. You can see the guide here.

2004/11/03· DocOwer

Design it!
Phew... I guess you already noticed it, RPG-O-Mania has been redesigned on the outer layout. I hope you like it... For me, I'm absolutely exhausted now - this re-design in just one day really wore me out. The next updates I'll focus on media updates again. Sorry for neglecting them a bit!

2004/11/01· DocOwer

Splash it!
I created a new splashscreen and a little report on this at the RPG-O-Mania history page.

2004/10/26· DocOwer

Gallery update
A bunch of images found their way to the corresponding galleries:
- Suikoden gallery (Suikoden 3 images)
- Final Fantasy gallery (Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles images)
- Miscellaneous gallery (a Star Ocean 3 image)
- Grandia gallery (Feena image)
- Miscellaneous wallpapers (Star Ocean 3 wallpaper)

2004/10/13· DocOwer

A new start...
...page. I had to remove the "splashscreen", I hope you still like to surf around here!

2004/10/10 · DocOwer

Gallery update
Again, a few images have been added to various galleries.

I'm blue da ba dee...
Since some friends told me they're missing the blue layouts I used in former days, I decided to bluify the layout a bit.

2004/10/08 · DocOwer

Navi - RPG-O-Mania Sitemap
Phew, that was some work - implenting a sitemap here was tougher than I thought. It was the first time I actually modified the header, index page and forums. Before, I always changed the complete header.

Well anyway, I hope it's easier to surf through this site now. Just click onto "Navi" above.

2004/09/28 · DocOwer

Another Shining update
A few more avatars from Shining Force 1 have been added.

2004/09/25 · DocOwer

PSF update
I added two new PSF Soundtracks. Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue are covered now

2004/09/16 · DocOwer

Gallery update
Again, some new pics are waiting for you. This time, I added pics to the Fire Emblem Gallery and two Tales of Symphonia artworks to the miscellaneous gallery.

2004/09/07· DocOwer

Doci Fantasy
I added a new comic to my "Doci Fantasy" series.

2004/09/05 · DocOwer

Midi update
Some time passed since the last Midi update happened. Anyway, I added three Midis. Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem (GBA) and Tales of Symphonia were covered this time.

2004/09/01 · DocOwer

"A new link... " reloaded
It's great that I'm in contact with Shadowraven, who was once co-webmaster of this site, again. He stroke again and came up with a great website, roleplayallday.com. Cool to see he hasn't given up on making a website either.

2004/08/30 · DocOwer

Galleries and wallpapers galore
This time, it's going to be a bigger one. I added loads of stuff to various galleries:
- Final Fantasy gallery
- Seiken Densetsu gallery
- Final Fantasy Wallpaper gallery
- Non RPG Wallpaper gallery
Hope they're good enought to satisfy you ^^

2004/08/23 · DocOwer

Gallery update
Gomen nasai for the belated update, but there were still a few bugs that came out during the server change. I had to fix that first before I was able to go back to the regular updates. Anyway, there is one new wallpaper in the Final Fantasy gallery and some new pics in the Suikoden artwork gallery.

2004/08/17 · DocOwer

A new link...
Today, I added a link to "Cetraconnection", a nice Final Fantasy VII website in german.

2004/08/08 · DocOwer

Shining Force update
Thanks to Wolfgang Landgraf, I was able to enhance the Shining Force 1 - Section here on the page.

2004/08/06 · DocOwer

New Server
As of today, RPG-O-Mania is hosted at [hostname-yet-to-be-found], a service provided by hectiquie! Thanks a lot for providing this space, you really helped me out of a mess! Thanks also go to fuxx who pitched the gallery scripts so they work under the new conditions as well!

2004/07/30· DocOwer

Gallery update
I added loads of images to the Suikoden Gallery and one HQ image to the Chrono Trigger Gallery (I know it's from the Cross game, but hey... ^^).

2004/07/28· DocOwer

Gallery update
Added a bunch of images to various galleries. Some great ones are to be found in the Breath of Fire gallery.

Links update
I also added new links to some quite great sites, be sure to check them out (If you understand German ^^)

2004/07/21· DocOwer

You might think that your fellow webmaster got on a lazy trip the last few weeks, but the truth is quite the contrary. I just want to keep you up-to-date, but be aware that something very special might come soon...
9/6/04 is coming...

2004/07/14· DocOwer

Midi update
There is a bunch of new midis online.

2004/07/05 · DocOwer

Wallpaper update
I added various Final Fantasy: Chrystal Chronicles Wallpapers. Of course, they went through the official RPG-O-Mania quality upgrading process ;)

Brand-new news system!
Since the old news system lasted for about half an eternity, I decided to rework it. It's still some manual update system, but it's better than nothing. and it has quite some structure.



2004/06/23 Phew, quite some time passed, huh?
Sorry for this belated update, but right now I'm in the middle of exam preparations... Anyway, I added loads of Boxart (Thanks to Kilu again!) and a special "panorama"-wallpaper I made a few days ago

2004/06/06 Various updates
I added many things here and there, like a new chapter in the RPG-O-Mania tides of history. There are also two new wallpapers available in the "misc" and "seiken densetsu" wallpaper galleries.

Have fun!

2004/05/30 Galleries galore
Today, I added a few pics here and there; I also got a mail from my friend Kilu who sent a load of Boxart images and put them into the boxart gallery.

2004/05/22 PSF update + Doci Fantasy
Brave Fencer Musashi has been added to the PSF Soundtracks page. I also added a new episode of my "funny" comic series.

2004/05/19 A rather small update
Today (well and yesterday, and the day before that) I updated some nice pics to various galleries. You see, the E3 took place so I didn't care much about stuff I had to update. Sorry for that, but more to come soon again ;)

2004/05/06 Isn't there a "plus" in the name?
I still have some bad conscience if I skip a RPG stuff update in order to get something into the "Anime" gallery, but hey, the pics I've added there are really worth to check them out. They're from master Kosuke Fujishima himself, who is a magnificent artist of manga art.

2004/04/27 Had enough jubilees already?
If not, there's another one for you here ;) On April 24th, this page turned five years. Not officially, but it was first uploaded on a free webspace on April 24th, 1999.

I modified the gallery script, so that you now can display up to 48 pics per page.

2004/04/21 "The big one"
That's quite a load... right ago, I added over 170 Breath of Fire images! As usual, thanks go to my friend Ruro for collecting them!

2004/04/14 Next one!
Added 11 images to the Suikoden gallery.

2004/04/13 Here goes! (spoken with spanish accent)
Now we're back to the "regular" updates. I added a bunch of images to the newly merged Seiken Densetsu gallery.

2004/04/08 .·:200.000:·.
Thank you all for visiting my site... and thanks especially to my friend Ruro, who drew this fabulous picture in tradition of many japanese sites! Maybe I should change the motto of RPG-O-Mania... from "The high quality game stuff archive" to "the most japanese german page in english language you've ever seen"... ;)

(go to Breath of Fire galleries to see a bigger version)

And another great piece of work made by vio81, thanks to you as well! ^____^

(go to Anime Wallpapers gallery to see a bigger version)

2004/04/06 almost 200.000, so it's time to uncover it...
Okay, since we've almost reached the 200.000-visitors mark, I'll uncover my secret present for you. I have worked out a little overview over most of the "Final Fantasy"-games out there... right now, covered are Final Fantasy 1 to 10 as well as 10-2 and Chrystal Chronicles. I hope this little overview helps you deciding what Final Fantasy you want to play...

I also added some pics to the non-RPG gallery!

2004/04/04 Final Fantasy Gallery... Special update at 200.000
Today, I added about 30-40 new Final Fantasy images... some of them are really great, so make sure you'll browse through all the "new"-files! :)

The counter is on its way to reach the 200.000-visitors-mark soon. I've prepared a new gimmick for you which I will add the day the counter reaches the mark!

2004/03/20 PSF
Wild Arms has been added to the PSF Soundtracks section.

2004/03/06 New Wallpapers
Three new wallpapers in the Final Fantasy wallpaper gallery.

2004/02/17 Doci Fantasy, prepare for big update
Although I'm still not sure if ANYONE might find those comics I added funny, I integrated them into the site. Look at the "coverage" section, there's a link under the "Doci Fantasy" logo. Or for the lazy ones, click here

My J-Web Scout Ruro told me that he found tons of great images. I'm curious, and I think so might be you. Maybe there's a huge update coming up.

2004/02/10 Tons of PSFs
I added about 100 Megs of PSF Soundtracks.

2004/02/08 Gallery update!
Added about 20-30 new images to various Galleries (Final Fantasy Gallery, Seiken Densetu Wallpapers)...

2004/02/07 Got a plus?
If you take a closer look to the banner above, you may notice the little "Plus" beneath the title "RPG-O-Mania". The "Plus" stands for the new, extended concept of this page. Since I'm not living only for RPGs anymore, I've decided that from now on, I'll also support genres aside of RPGs. So in the "gallery" and "wallpapers" sections, you will find various really high quality images, many of them scanned and optimized by myself. Have fun!

2004/02/04 The RPG-O-Mania high quality concept strikes again!
Gosh, I'm really proud of the newest images in the final fantasy gallery. I scanned them by myself, otpimized them - and now, they're really close to being original Square pictures! By the way, there's a huuuge update coming up!


2004/02/02 Here we go!
I changed the layout of the Coverage section as well as its subsites, Shining Force 1 and 2 infos. Media updates are to come in matter of days! :)

2004/01/22 Midi update
Almost a month passed without an update. You see, it's exams time, so I barely have time for my little website here. Despite of this fact, I actually DID update the site. Added a couple of midi, some even found their way to the Midi Top Notch List. As you know, those files are must-haves! ;)

2003/12/24 Credit, whom credit is due Part II / MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE
Since I gave credits to Wite the day before yesterday, I had the Idea of giving credits to everyone who helped me improving this site! Check out the notes to see them.

and, since Today is the Christmas Evening, I've got the urge to wish you all and your families a merry Christmas. Be sure you'll have another lucky year, make this your biggest Christmas wish, okay? There's nothing more important than being lucky with those you love!

2003/12/22 Credit, whom credit is due
Have you noticed HOW fast the galleries became? Our Kernel Emperor, Wite, once again arose in the land of the rpg-o-manias and granted us part of his knowledge so that the galleries do not require so much time to build up anymore... Thanks a lot my friend, you really did a great job!

2003/12/21 Geez, forgot the news!
After the Suikoden images, I added about the same amount of other series' artwork to the various galleries. So be sure to check them out as well!

2003/12/14 EVEN more!!!!
As you may see, the page has now a completely new layout. And not just that... I added more than hundred new Suikoden-images!! That speaks for itself, doesn't it?

2003/12/13 Even more!!!
A few days, ago, I got a really nice E-Mail from Setzer. First of all, I was really happy about the Headline of that mail: "Thumbs up for RPG-O-Mania". You don't know how rarely I get e-mails from visitors. You are invited to really overfeed my mailbox with mails. And I don't just want to hear praise - if you've got anything to critizise about this page here, just let me know! I've never eaten someone, you know!

Anyway, that E-Mail had quite interesting content too. He wrote that he's got some Midi-Files he composed, and I have to tell you - He's a real MIDI-KING! I upped his Midis right to the MIDI-Archive, so really make sure you'll pay a visit there. They're definitely worth being called top-notch. I didn't add the very best of them into the Top-Notch Archive yet, but I'll do that the next days.

He also sent me another Version of the Seiken Densetsu 3 Intro in french, it seems more accurate than the other one. Anyway, I'll keep up both of them.

2003/12/08 OMFG!! Ain't there new MIDIs?
I don't really know, but some of you might have waited for an Midi update for about... hm three years? Yes, so much time passed since I last updated the Midi archive (or so...). Well anyway, a couple of Midis have been added there. Have fun!

2003/11/30 New Italian Translation to Seiken Densetsu 3 Intro
Thanks to Bard, I know now that the previous italian Seiken Densetsu 3 Intro translation was completely wrong. I don't know how a native Italian can do such mistakes, now the correct version is online anyway.

2003/11/16 Fire Emblem stuff up!
Okay, there it is! If you take a look at the "others" section, you'll probably see the new "Fire Emblem" button. Just one click there (or here if you're a lazy one ^^) and you'll see some stuff of the Fire Emblem webmaster program. Don't forget to visit the Fire Emblem gallery as well. No new stuff though, but there are a lot of Fire Emblem pics.

2003/11/08 Final Fantasy 11 Fanwork - Fire Emblem Webmaster Program - Various Changes
I added one great FF11 Fanart - hope you like it. Much greater news are that RPG-O-Mania is part of the official Fire Emblem webmaster programm. Although I think MANY pages are part of that program, I try to make the best out of the situation. It's a really good-looking upcoming RPG for the GBA. I also made various changes around the page, so check out all the parts from time to time - sometimes I do smaller updates without posting news.

2003/10/21 Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu / Sword of Mana Pics + the return of the old news system
Okay, some great Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu pics for you! They're scans from the Official Soundtrack plus the bonus-disc. I had quite much to do refining them, so they're RPG-O-Mania exclusive, you won't find them anywhere in the net... yet.... I didn't know where to put them, so I put them into the Secret of Mana gallery. Well at least there's more connection between Sword of Mana and Secret of mana than to the misc. section. Have fun!

2003/03/02 Final Fantasy Pics!
During the last few weeks, I wasn't really in the mood of updating this page. I'm sorry to let you wait, but now I've got some novelties up to my sleeve, just stay tuned! I added some Final Fantasy pics and one FF Wallpaper as well.

2003/02/08 An update, but no news announcing it...
Yesterday, I forgot to announce the fact that I uploaded some nice Final Fantasy Pics!

2003/02/02 Suikoden II Section
The Suikoden II section started with a page similar to Suikoden 1, the 108 Endings page. It looks a bit better, though there's only a few avatars online yet.

2003/01/29 Wallpaper update
Today, two new wallpapers are to be found in the misc. Gallery!

2003/01/26 Boxart is up! :)
I upped the boxart, it's now just a mere gallery, but still with all the boxart I've got :)

2003/01/24 Media update + Fix Lattn!
8 great Final Fantasy pics for your viewing pleasure this time; I also added the bavarian translation for the Seiken Densetsu 3 Intro!

2003/01/21 Media update
Again, a few Images added to the Breath of Fire gallery

2003/01/19 Gallery-Script Update!
The Gallery-Script has been modified in this way: Now you can not only just choose how many images per page will be displayed, you have also the possibility to sort them by name or date; sorting by date means the latest images will be shown on the first page, images with the same date are sorted by name again. Enjoy!
I hope DocOwer can forgive me, for posting unasked in the news. (^-^)?

2003/01/19 Italian Weeks
I've added the Seiken Densetsu 3 Intro in Italian - Thanks to Kireek! There are also some good Suikoden Wallpapers available!

2003/01/18 Finnish him!
Thanks to Kilu, the Seiken Densetsu Intro is now available in Finnish! :)

2003/01/17 Media update
Again a little update in the Breath of Fire gallery.Wite, Grand Master and half-god of all PHP things is hopefully coming down to his little servant (=me) and works on the script so that it sorts the files by date.

2003/01/15 Media update
As you may have seen, I've changed a few things and added loads of pics to the gallery! :)

2003/01/13 Re-Opening!!
RPG-O-Mania's grand re-opening! This website finally got a kernel that makes it
worth being called a modern and state-of-the-art website! Many things have changed,
here is a list what'S new. There are things that are not up yet and
negative changes as well.

Positive changes
- new design
- easier to navigate
- modern kernel
- bigger galleries
- flexible galleries, you can chose how much shall be displayed
Negative changes
- galleries require more time to load
- thumnails look rough
- wallpapers are mere galleries
What is not up yet
- Shining Force specials
- Boxart

- DocOwer

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