Here you will find in-depth articles about upcoming games, including updated status reports as well as reviews of games and soundtracks. The rating system is a decimal one, you can find out more down below.

Spotlight: Soundcheck

· Code Age Commanders
· Lunar - Eternal Blue
· Winter's End - I am Setsuna

Spotlight: Preview

· Code Age Commanders
· Eternal Sonata (Trusty Bell)
· Final Fantasy III DS
· Lunar DS
· Phantasy Star Trilogy
· Shining Force EXA
· Valkyrie Profile PSP / PS2

Spotlight: Review

Game Score
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles79%
Final Fantasy VI82%
Grandia II79%
Grandia III72%
I am Setsuna80%
Lost Sphear70%
Lunar Legend63%
Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete90%
Octopath Traveler80%
Radiata Stories80%
Star Ocean: The 2nd story74%
Star Ocean: Till the end of time88%
Suikoden III87%
Suikoden IV76%
Suikoden V78%
Tales of Symphonia79%
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim90%
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap83%
Xenoblade Chronicles 284%
Zelda: Twilight Princess91%

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