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2018-11-21 21:59:56

Some gallery update stuff.

First, there are some new images over in the Xenoblade gallery. I changed the backend of rpg-o-mania so that I can finally upload png files as well as jpg ones.

There's also the Screenshot gallery now available where I'm going to upload various screenshots over time which might be unrelated to any game, or rpg even. But you should know that they are made by me, so, uh, I've got that going at least.

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2018-11-17 22:52:28

I finished Xenoblade 2 Torna DLC. And it really really blew me away. I wrote everything down in my review.

I just expanded the Xenoblade one, since they are so intertwined.

Oh my, do I need to go to bed now. Torna was an intense experience. I don't know how often I was so emotionally touched by a RPG.

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2018-11-16 08:59:34

More moments!

If you have played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and its prequel Torna: The Golden Country, you might have encountered the same moment that I experienced.

But again, Xenoblade 2 is full of intense moments, especially when combined with Torna.

The moments section contains heavy spoilers, so be sure to click only onto that link if you have either finished the games or if you don't care to be spoiled :)

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2018-11-13 08:22:19

Oh my, when I checked out my Xenoblade Chronicles 2 review, I noticed that it stopped somewhere in the middle of the conclusion. I fixed that now, so you can read the missing one and a half sentences. Yay.

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2018-11-12 12:40:30

It's really incredible, whenever I complain that I wasn't able to achieve X in time Y, then suddenly an opportunity comes up to finish X quickly.

Yesterday, I wrote that I had to start with a tiny portion of the moments section, and today I'm here and able to announce that two more moments have been published. Enjoy!

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