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2019-02-01 19:01:56

A warm and welcoming greeting to rpg-o-mania's readers! This update was lots of work, but I guess it's nothing you'll get all excited about. Like promised, I'm starting to work on some sections that need a little overhaul. I made the galleries and music section a little nicer to look at. No fancy new content or article this time, sorry. I promise to work on the Suikoden section next!

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2019-01-30 20:42:28

I created some mobile Xenoblade Chronicles wallpapers based on the bigger desktop wallpaper I uploaded recently (which means they are somewhat stylistically similar). You can view them here.

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2019-01-27 21:50:23

Today, I've got some neat high resolution Xenoblade Chronicles 2 wallpapers for you. I also thought this time of the year would be great to talk about this and that.

future development

I don't know how many of you still know old RPG-O-Mania, but if you knew it back in 2007, you notice that there are still some Suikoden sections missing. I am planning to include them within the next updates, because Suikoden is always great for an update!

Other than that, I'm going to tweak the design and layout of rpg-o-mania a bit, since there are some parts that could be more user friendly. So you might notice some design and content changes as well soon.

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2019-01-26 08:41:37

There was a mistake in the Final Fantasy overview - Twitter user @cursedblessing informed me that the servers of Final Fantasy XI are still up and running, only the PlayStation servers were shut down in 2016.

This is quite impressive for such an old game!

Ah and by the way, I am really happy for feedback and corrections if you find something that is not right. So please feel free to contact me via Twitter or mail, or heck even ICQ. I'll be grateful for every word of praise or criticism!

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2019-01-25 14:03:25

I finally did it - the Final Fantasy retrospective is online.

There's an interesting history behind this piece of coverage. Back in old RPG-O-Mania, there was a special section called "Final Fantasy overview" where there was a short description of every Final Fantasy game. I always liked this set of information, but when rewriting it I realized that it's quite the same as the retrospective.

Hence, I "downgraded" the overview and put it into the retrospective format.

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