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2018-08-06 06:28:30

Shining force time continues. Today, we have another Shining wallpaper and a Shining gallery image. Again, they're exclusive :)

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2018-08-04 05:36:12

It's Shining Force time! I added a image to the Shining art gallery and a similarly themed one to the Shining wallpaper gallery. More Shining Force stuff to come soon!

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2018-07-31 15:33:45

I added another Breath of Fire mobile wallpaper today in two variants to make up for yesterdays lack of content :)

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2018-07-30 20:13:18

In the midst of the heat wave of 2018, I fixed a teeny little problem in the news archive where the oldest news haven't been shown. I fixed this now.

Sadly, no new content today. But maybe a little cheer?

Woohoo, all you rpg-o-manians, you're great!

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2018-07-28 08:03:30

Since its relaunch of rpg-o-mania, roughly eight months have passed. And I'm very happy to announce that another historical section of this page has been reopened. Slowly, rpg-o-mania is going to be bigger than ever before. Today we celebrate the return of the wallpapers.

Right now, there aren't too many wallpapers online - there are two new ones to be found in the new mobile Breath of Fire and mobile Xenoblade galleries. I also updated all of the really old 1999-2000 wallpapers.

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