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2018-06-21 20:06:48

Another little update in the backend. I tweaked this and that, so that rpg-o-mania is a tad easier to maintain. More regular updates coming soon!

2018-06-17 09:24:53

It's a small and big update at the same time.

Small, because there's nothing especially new for you readers. And big, because I had to change almost every file here on the webpage because I made a mistake that just didn't show up on browsers.

And on another note, the layout should look nicer now on bigger screens. :)

2018-06-16 07:30:05

In spring this year, I had my "Setsuna" phase going on. Now there's some kind of aftermath - the Winter's End soundtrack review.

A funny side story: This is the first soundtrack review since 2004. That means that if you got a child at the time when the last soundcheck was released, it would be 14 by now and on the verge of becoming an adult. Aah, time flies...

For nostalgia, I didn't create a new score card but rather used the original old file and just added the new score! :)

2018-06-13 19:31:43

Sorry for the late update to all my visitors! A thunderstorm crashed our wireless router and I ended up having no (or rather limited) access to the internet. So I did what every responsible adult would do - I played games. So I haven't really prepared some rpg-o-mania update either... ^^

When I browsed around my laptop I remembered (but wasn't able to find) an old music file I received back then in 2000 from its composer. This was the first and only MP3 ever to be stored here, and I thought that it would also be fitting today. But since the original MP3 was lost in a harddisk crash back in 2001, I searched the tune up in YouTube and indeed found the original file from its original composer - it can be found here and in the music section. Enjoy! And now I should start working on bigger updates again. :)

2018-06-02 19:27:17

Thanks to lots of nice people over at reddit's rpg_gamers subreddit, I added some information to the Xeno impact set of articles. And I realized that I need to add much more information about how things came to be, so I'm going to add that soon!

2018-05-31 08:42:15

And finally, after another few days of work, I have finished the Xenoblade Chronicles report in the Xeno impact series of articles.

Soon there will be more - and again, please excuse the slow pace of updates these days.

2018-05-16 21:52:02

Things are quite stressful in my private life right now, but I haven't forgot about rpg-o-mania and the little Xeno story. So here it is...

Chapter 2 of the Xeno impact, this time about Xenosaga.

Have fun! As much as I hope I still have fun with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 after I beat that darned chapter 4... :D

2018-05-08 21:35:26

And just as promised, we start our series on the impact of the Xeno games here on rpg-o-mania. Check the first entry out and see how Xenogears was received twenty years ago

... gosh, 1998 is 20 years ago...

2018-05-05 08:41:07

If you're wondering what happens back in rpg-o-mania's laboratories, I'm writing a column right now about the backstory of the Xeno games. This takes some time, but in the meantime, you can enjoy more Xenoblade artwork :)

2018-04-28 06:18:15

Now that we ended our little series on Tokyo RPG Factory and the Setsuna games, let's open up the next series, or legacy, or whatever you might call it. This time it's about the Xeno games, starting with a Xenoblade Chronicles gallery. More in-depth information to come up soon, but maybe you can pass the time by looking at the pictures! :D

2018-04-24 13:17:53

And now to conclude our little Toyko RPG factory series, there's a review of Lost Sphear. I would have loved to give it more than the rating it eventually got, but I think it's a fair assessment. If you disagree, feel free to contact me - is there for you, just send me a mail!

2018-04-19 19:30:11

Hooray, more than a single image in this update. I wrote a review of I Am Setsuna and it's here for you to read. Now we have the overview of Tokyo RPG factory, a review of the first game, and a review of the second game is coming up. Stay tuned!

2018-04-13 09:54:35

And again, equally lots of work and a little amount of stuff updated - there is a new image over there at the Seiken gallery.

In the upcoming updates, we will cover some more stories again.

2018-04-07 19:35:27

A long time ago, I wrote some news entry where I complained about the fact when effort for an update does not equal amount of things to update. This is one of these updates.

A new image to the Seiken gallery has been added. I hope you like it! :)

2018-04-01 17:54:00

And just as I wrote a postponement news this morning, today I managed to present you the newest addition to the galleries: Seiken Densetsu (Secret of Mana).

2018-04-01 07:01:55

No April fool's joke here today, I just wanted to inform you that I'm currently recreating some artwork from old RPG-O-Mania that wasn't of high enough quality to put it here. Stay tuned, the first one will come soon!

2018-03-23 19:55:35

It's Setsuna time here at rpg-o-mania! I wrote an article about the people behind "I am Setsuna" and "Lost Sphear", Tokyo RPG Factory. Check it out here, it can be found in Coverage, People behind.

I hope you enjoy the little tidbit of information I collected.

2018-03-18 19:43:12

In preparation of more to come, enjoy the Setsuna galleries that cover both "I am Setsuna" and "Lost Sphear". Reviews and in-depth coverage of these games come up soon!

2018-03-11 07:30:37

Today, I added some Suikoden images from the old rpg-o-mania here.

You see, I only added the better ones of those images. The Suikoden galleries of the old page were huge, but there were lots of pictures from the early days of the internet that are not nice to look at anymore.

This is why I need to look through all the galleries again when uploading files. Not only because I need to check for what images I have the right to post them (which has been granted by Konami back in the day) but also which images are still good enough for today's high resolution screens.

2018-03-10 17:39:44

Just a short notice - whenever there are new images in the gallery, these new ones will be shown just on top, means I changed the sorting to be from newest to oldest. Maybe I should allow users to change the sorting, hmm...

2018-03-07 21:40:07

There are changes over at the recommendations. The first thing you might not notice (especially when it's your first time you're taking a look over there) is that the game recommendations are now alphabetically sorted.

The bigger change involves five games - I added all of the Breath of Fire games to the recommendations

I think I really should flesh out some of these recommendations to be fully fledged spotlight reports...

2018-02-26 21:00:07

Oh well, now the updates really come cheaper by the dozen. But you see, I'm really quite motivated and so I'm always writing some stuff for rpg-o-mania. I extended the "good rpgs for every era" and added Phantasy Star IV, Suikoden and Suikoden 2. You can find them here.

2018-02-25 18:59:57

I added another bunch of old rpg-o-mania images to the Breath of Fire gallery.

2018-02-23 05:41:37

A new and old friend has arrived - the Shining series galleries are back! I have fond memories when I take a look at these galleries again while picking the best images for new rpg-o-mania here. Enjoy!

2018-02-21 20:55:30

Small and big changes at the same time... I added a few description texts to the galleries. In the old tradition of rpg-o-mania, I will start to get more gallery stuff online in the next few updates!

2018-02-19 06:59:26

Now we're getting started. I finished the recommendations section with games from 2006 onward.

Of course, this series will be continued even in the future and will be updated and expanded. But now you can have an overview of what games I'd recommend as being ageless and can be played anytime.

2018-02-16 23:01:00

This time, I was quicker :) I added the next chapter to my "recommendations" - now it's about the era between 1999 and 2005. You can check it out over in the coverage section or here. Enjoy!

2018-02-10 21:46:50

Sheesh, that went not as quick as intended. I'm writing on my series of reports on recommendations for a few weeks now, but I cannot seem to complete it as fast as I would enjoy to do so.

So instead of waiting even longer, I decided to publish the first two chapters (which will possibly be extended in the next weeks as well.

So enjoy rpg-o-manias recommendations at least for the first two eras :)

2018-02-04 08:36:57

As I'm looking around, I tend to stumble upon more interesting websites that still focus on good quality content. Today, I added another link to Flying Omelette. It can be found in the Links section.

2018-01-28 21:34:16

And just as it turned out to be, I found a few spare minutes and finished my newest Breath of Fire image as promised.

Now I should be off starting that special I was writing about. :)

2018-01-28 13:26:35

Well, hello to those few people who visit here regularly! You're the best! But also if you just happen to visit here every other day, you're also the best.

Well anyway, I updated some things. It's not what I intended to update for a few days now - I have some great spotlight story in mind and I also currently work on a Breath of Fire artwork. Alas, I wasn't able to finish any of these until today.

I re-added the Terranigma gallery from old RPG-O-Mania. It contains some exclusive images and I thought you'd maybe like them.

2018-01-23 07:27:26

I added the page to the Links page. This site seems to be a bit wobbly and some parts won't work anymore (like the contact forms, hence I couldn't ask them for a link exchange), but the content is still good nonetheless

On another note, I updated the Final Fantasy gallery quite extensively (although it is not as big as it was back in the days of the old RPG-O-Mania), but these images are quite good and I thought you might like them

2018-01-18 12:43:01

Right now I'm being a full time dad, but I happen to have a spare minute here and there. This time, I drew a image for the Breath of Fire gallery. To make it easier for you, the image of Bow can be found here.

2018-01-14 19:12:42

Just a short notice of what has happened the past few days. I reworked the layout a bit, it's a tad more colorful now - at least if your browser recognized the changes and reloads the files. It's nothing big, though.

On another note, I reworked the news system a bit so that the main page only shows the newest three entries. Again, nothing special, but the page continues to be worked on.

2018-01-12 12:53:31

The series of updates continues: The Grandia galleries have been updated.

Just like in the old days, don't you think? :)

2018-01-10 21:32:33

Just as a short notice - the Links have been updated with a few noteworthy sites that I'm glad are still online.

2018-01-07 15:23:29

It really feels good to re-announce updates here on rpg-o-mania. I have added artwork to the breath of fire and suikoden galleries. And they're self-drawn, so you won't likely find them anywhere else! :)

2018-01-01 14:59:31

Might you believe it that rpg-o-mania is truly online again? And it's not only a vague attempt in restoring something that was once here, this website has about 80% of the content rpg-o-mania had when it went offline back in 2008

So the hiatus ended, and if you'd like to know more about rpg-o-mania's history, check out the history section over at the coverage button in the navigation

So please feel free to stroll around here, check out the content that is online now and make sure to check back soon as new content is going to be updated regularly

Well, updates will not at all be as frequent as they were back in the mid 2000s, since I have family and other responsibilities to attend. But this little baby will remain online!

Enjoy the return of rpg-o-mania,

Really darn old news

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