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2018-12-14 12:53:37

Galleries received a little update where you now can click or tap through images. No nice swiping feature yet, but at least images don't show up in a new tab whenever you click or tap onto them!

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2018-12-12 19:15:08

You know, I really really like the Secret of Mana remake. I have read so much bad comments about the game on the net, but I think it's actually good. I'm going to elaborate on this in one of the next updates with a review.

Until then, please enjoy some character art from the game.

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2018-12-10 18:59:47

This update took me some time, and it's still only one image... But at least its an exclusive one, and one you hopefully like. I'm planning to do more with this picture of Lora from Xenoblade soon.

And bigger updates coming soon as well!

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This website covers videogames, namely, console role playing games, with the likes of Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, Grandia, and so on. Once in the past, there were many pages online such as these, but not many have survived.

rpg-o-mania is designed to give you interesting stuff to read and watch. Articles, reviews, background information as well as some webmasters' rant as well. This page is divided into in-depth-information ("Coverage"), Reviews and ratings ("Spotlight") and some Media, self-made wallpapers, artwork and even some music.

If you know the page from days yonder, you might notice that some stuff is gone. I removed everything that could be problematic in terms of copyright, so that you, the reader, can enjoy the page while I do not have to worry about any copyright infringement.

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