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2018-04-24 13:17:53

And now to conclude our little Toyko RPG factory series, there's a review of Lost Sphear. I would have loved to give it more than the rating it eventually got, but I think it's a fair assessment. If you disagree, feel free to contact me - is there for you, just send me a mail!

2018-04-19 19:30:11

Hooray, more than a single image in this update. I wrote a review of I Am Setsuna and it's here for you to read. Now we have the overview of Tokyo RPG factory, a review of the first game, and a review of the second game is coming up. Stay tuned!

2018-04-13 09:54:35

And again, equally lots of work and a little amount of stuff updated - there is a new image over there at the Seiken gallery.

In the upcoming updates, we will cover some more stories again.

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This website covers videogames, namely, console role playing games, with the likes of Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, Grandia, and so on. Once in the past, there were many pages online such as these, but not many have survived.

rpg-o-mania is designed to give you interesting stuff to read and watch. Articles, reviews, background information as well as some webmasters' rant as well. This page is divided into in-depth-information ("Coverage"), Reviews and ratings ("Spotlight") and some Media, self-made wallpapers, artwork and even some music.

If you know the page from days yonder, you might notice that some stuff is gone. I removed everything that could be problematic in terms of copyright, so that you, the reader, can enjoy the page while I do not have to worry about any copyright infringement.

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